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We are pleased to offer 4 types of online learning: 
Professional courses, Para-Professional courses, Toolkits, and Parent University.

Steps for beginning your online training:

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    There is no time limit to the courses.  You will have unlimited amount of time to start and complete the course.

    Professional Courses

    These are longer, more challenging courses that include multiple units, unit quizzes, and a final exam. These courses are more intense and offer extensive information in the subject matter. 

    Single user:                     $149.00
    10-user group package     $1,341 (10% discount)
    20-user group package     $2,533 (15% discount)

    Single user:                      $149.00
    10-user group package     $1,341 (10% discount)
    20-user group package     $2,533 (15% discount)

    New Jersey Residents and Employees

    Thanks to funding and support from the New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General, the Truancy and Dropout course is free to residents and employees in New Jersey.

    Para-Professional Courses - Youth Development Institute (YDI)

    Each course takes about one to two hours to complete. You can pick and choose which classes you want to take in any order. Your supervisor may also work with you to determine the courses best suited to your professional development at this time.  Currently, The Partnership is offering four courses free-of-charge.  Click on the YDI course descritpion link below for more details.

    Single user:                      $15.00 per short-course; $149 for full package of 21 short-courses.

    Interested in getting a group rate and/or discounted rate for multiple courses?  Click on the "Contact us" tab at the top of the page and we'll get back with you.

    Courses available:


    Toolkits offer informational resources and provide tools to utilize.  These toolkits do not have tests, but do include forums for sharing information with other users, and also include downloadable forms and templates.

    Toolkits available:

    • Nonprofit Capacity Building Toolkit
    • Nonprofit Governance Toolkit

    These toolkits provide nonprofit leaders and managers with guidance on:

    1. Assessing organizational capacity and creating capacity building strategies
    2. Strengthening a nonprofit board of directors

    Click here for more information on the toolkits.

    Single user:                      $8.00 per toolkit

    Parent University

    A Parent's Guide to Bullying Prevention
    This interactive guide on the topics of bullying prevention is part of Parent University, a series of online resources developed by The Partnership for Families & Children. Parent University provides information, tips, and tools that guide parents in effectively supporting their children. A Parent's Guide to Bullying Prevention is the first course in the series. More will be launched in 2013-2014. Parents will learn how to support a child who is the target of bullying, bullies others, or is a witness to bullying. The tutorial includes:

    • An overview of key terms and concepts;
    • Tips on understanding a child's natural termperament (and how that temperament may predispose a child to victimization);
    • Strategies for working with children who are either the target of bullying, bully others, or bystanders
    • Guidance on communicating with a school/teacher about bullying.

    Rates: Free-of-charge