About Us

Our Mission
The mission of The Partnership is to identify, create and support the best programs, policies and practices to improve the health, education and well-being of children and their families.

Our Vision
Our vision is contained in our five ultimate outcomes:

  • Healthy families who make healthy choices
  • Children who are ready for school, successful in school and graduate from high school
  • Family members and youth who have skills to initiate and sustain change in their community
  • Parents who have the skills to nurture and support the development of their children
  • Children, families and youth who receive culturally and linguistically appropriate services


About The Partnership for Families and Children
Seventeen years ago, The Partnership for Families and Children (originally named Colorado Foundation for Families and Children) was established as a nonprofit partner to Colorado state agencies to provide a variety of activities and supports, including professional training and technical assistance, program development, project management and initiative evaluation.

The Partnership is an intermediary organization that works closely with direct service providers to increase their effectiveness and sustainability and to benefit vulnerable children, youth, families, and communities. It supports and sustains direct services by evaluating what works; training direct service providers such as teachers, school administrators, and nonprofit staff to do what works; and developing leadership to implement what works.

Over the years, The Partnership has evolved in order to maximize its capacity-building services and cross-sector partnerships to enhance the work of the many organizations it serves. An effective and powerful partner for social change, it helps funders, government agencies and direct service providers maximize their capacity, resources and social investments by facilitating smarter, more focused ways to achieve greater organizational and community outcomes.

The Partnership was established in 1991 with one staff member and has since grown to a diverse staff of fourteen. Its passion and dedication, combined with its ability to connect resources, enhances its partners ľ abilities to affect change and achieve greater social impact. Applying research with best practices, The Partnership helps educators, health providers, civic leaders, other nonprofits, government agencies, advocates and stakeholders across multiple sectors achieve real change for vulnerable children and their families. In the end, The Partnership assists organizations in achieving greater coordinated impact and long-term, sustainable change for both themselves and the community at large.

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